Lynemouth Power Station

Your checks were useful for helping locate the problem and the problem has now been resolved.

The coal-fired power station at Lynemouth in Northumberland is operated by Rio Tinto Alcan, with most of the electricity produced used in the production of aluminium in a nearby smelter. The cost-effectiveness of the generation process depends to some extent on the quality of the fuel used, and when the wind direction is such that it carries exhaust gases inland, higher quality and more expensive fuel must be burnt.

In 2009, MetEngUK was asked to survey and report on the existing meteorological systems, as there was some inconsistency between data from the two monitoring sites.

Over the next two years, MetEngUK replaced the wind systems at both sites with high-quality digital sensors feeding analogue converters to readily inteface with Rio Tinto Alcan’s existing data logging systems.

Data from the two monitoring sites has since shown satisfactory correlation.