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Technical competence, responsiveness and ongoing commitment to exceptional levels of service as a specialist supplier of meteorological instrumentation, systems and associated engineering services

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Our multi-disciplined engineers have a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise, working closely with our customers to select and supply the best and most appropriate products and services for their needs. We have the resources to install, maintain and calibrate meteorological equipment so that it continues to perform correctly throughout its operational life.

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MetEngUK has the capacity, expertise and resources to source, supply, install and commission a wide range of aviation-specific meteorological instrumentation and systems at airports, airfields and heliports worldwide.


National Meteorological Services

MetEngUK has been exporting to national weather services for two decades.


Sports and Leisure

Grounds management, athletic track conditions, maintenance of stadiums, even golf at the numerous seaside golf links, can all be weather-critical operations.


Chemical and Pharmaceutical Manufacturer/Processing

The release of hazardous substances into the atmosphere is an ever present danger in many chemical processes, and can present serious problems, particularly in populated areas. Wind speed and direction data are of paramount importance for ‘nowcasting’ the position of the offending plumes.


Power Generation

Meteorological instrumentation and systems are often included as safety components at nuclear power plants, where the display and logging of accurate wind data can be critical in mitigating the effects of a hazardous release to the atmosphere.


Ports and Harbours

The movement of shipping in and out of ports and harbours always demands attention to detail, and the effects of the surface wind can, at times, produce dramatic results. Accurate display and knowledge of the wind speed, direction, gusts and variability can add significantly to the safety of vessels and their crews, as well as to the confidence of harbour staff when manoeuvring in difficult situations.

Plumecast : Real-time Emissions Mapping

Plumecast provides an invaluable tool for anyone who might have to deal with hazardous airborne plumes, by providing instantaneous information on areas affected or at risk.

The Plumecast concept is quite simple; it combines software running on a PC with the output from an ultrasonic anemometer. The PC displays the area at risk from an accidental release and, in a real emergency, also displays the estimated present location of an airborne plume. Ultrasonic anemometers measure turbulence characteristics directly, making the real time dispersion modelling much more accurate.

Plumecast can be exported to spreadsheets, and can be used to generate datasets for training exercises or to analyse past events.

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MetEngUK is a specialist supplier of meteorological instrumentation and systems, and associated engineering services.

Our customer base is diverse and we work with leading professional organisations across a number of sectors including aviation, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, ports and harbours, sports and leisure and national meteorological services worldwide. Our customers value our technical competence, responsiveness and ongoing commitment to exceptional levels of service.

ISO 9001 Certified

Met Engineering is ISO 9001 Certified
(Quality Management)

ISO 14001 Certified

Met Engineering is ISO 14001 Certified
(Environmental Management)

OHSAS 18001 Certified

Met Engineering is OHSAS 18001 Certified
(Health & Safety Management)

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